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January 5, 2007


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The Stock Journal of Natalie Clark Photography

:bulletpurple: :bulletblue: :sun: :spotlight-left: MY JOURNAL... info and mindless chatter :spotlight-right: :sun: :bulletblue: :bulletpurple:

:new: :new:
1st place:  :iconsheispretty:

2nd Place:  :iconrumbala: Sisterhood by Rumbala

3rd Place:  :iconisabele825:

4th Place: :icondrowningheart:  :thumb42805352:

5th Place:  :iconsjeo:  in the films by sjeo


1st place goes to: Sisters by MisticUnicorn by MisticUnicorn  
and wins a 3-month sub and Journal feature from UrielStock and AriandraRayne

2nd place: :thumb44770440:  by SylverEyedQueen and wins a 1-month sub and Journal feature from UrielStock and AriandraRayne

3rd place:  :thumb44039171:  by sammykaye1
and wins One of my secret exclusive stock packs *UrielStock ( look on the front page journal for your choice of packs. )
and Journal feature from UrielStock and AriandraRayne

Congrats everyone!

**subs should be given by end of the week at latest.

Thank you to ALL that entered.

The Other contest "Tell me a story" with Lucy-Eth-Stock is still going on and strong...
for more info please see latest journal on my front page.


VOTING TIME FOR "Make my nieces a Cute Fantasy Creature!!" Contest
Poll 1 (this does not reflect the 'final decision'. Rather public favorites. My nieces hold the winning vote. =)  )

CONGRATS TO THE FINALISTS!!! Please vote is you will at the poll and welcome all those who are interested. I trust you all to keep it fair and not get ALL your friends to vote for ya ;)
A few doesn't count huh :nod:

Small Angel by Paigesmum…
by Paigesmum

by SylverEyedQueen

Sisters by MisticUnicorn…
by : devmisticunicorn:

by sammykaye1

Little Princess' Tale by countocram…
by countocram…
by Lindowyn

Fairy Childe by GothicLizzie…
by GothicLizzie


Sing me a song by Damnedin…
by Damnedin

DEADLINE IS MIDNIGHT SO IF YOUR WORKING ON SOMETHING AND NEED AN HOUR OR SO MORE PLEASE NOTE ME AND SOME EXCEPTIONS CAN BE MADE. OTHERWISE... deadline midnight tonight! And first poll "Public Favorite" will be up at 1am Eastern Standard. U.S.
My Neices will hold the final vote along with mine. Since it is a contest for them afterall. =D

Make my nieces a Cute Fantasy Creature!!

Ex: summer/spring/fall/winter fairy, angel, princess, mermaid, fairytale character, elf, etc. You get the idea. Or make them in a fantasy world, magic, etc…  

Must at least use one of these pictures below as models (my nieces) but any other stock you wish. It can't be dark. (Sorry you know I love dark and creepy, blood and gore but these are my YOUNG nieces)  The entry has to be a large file (at least 1MB) so I can show my nieces. Please don't watermark/copyright thru a face or midsection and destroy the image. Above/below/to the side… I am not taking the credit for your manips; don't worry.
This is for my lovely nieces.
These are the model images that must be used to be accepted:

Click on the thumbnails and download to get the large image =)

neice 4 by UrielStock
Neices 1 by UrielStock
neice 2 by UrielStock
neice 3 by UrielStock
neice 5 by UrielStock
neice 6 by UrielStock
neice 7 by UrielStock
neice 8 by UrielStock
neice 9 by UrielStock

Any kind of Visual Medium is allowed, such as Digital Art, or Photography, whatever you want, except literature.
Traditional Art, Cartoons & Comics, Paintings, Drawings, Sketches, Digital Art, Photo manipulation, Digital Painting, Mange/Anime- Photography, etc.

Your Entry Must fit the theme. (Keyword being cute) and let your imagination sore

****REMEMBER: You may submit as MANY pieces of art as you wish, but the judging will be done on quality, not quantity. !! ******

Deadline: December 20th  
(Only 3 weeks 'til deadline!!!)

TO ENTER: note me with subj: Mini contest entry, and a link  (thats it) :nod:  easssyyy right?  :w00t!:

I am the sole judge UrielStock aka Tenshi-Uriel
I welcome others to help but this is a personal contest and these are under age cuties so I am a little over protective. But not to restrict any talent!!! :nod:

Prizes and info may be updated weekly. So check back. =)  This is brand-new and a very short challenge/contest. Hope you all can have fun with this and enter.
Especially to make a couple of little girls smile. =D

1st place
3-month sub
Journal feature from UrielStock and AriandraRayne

2nd place
1-month sub
Journal feature from UrielStock and AriandraRayne

3rd place
One of my secret exclusive stock packs *UrielStock
Journal feature from UrielStock and AriandraRayne

by :iconzerogalaxy:
Small Angel by Paigesmum by :iconpaigesmum:
:thumb43914881: by :iconvinyariel:
:thumb43943129: by :iconnightmaresbleed:
:thumb43968864: by :iconartisnotanaccident:
:thumb43984653: by :iconfrozenstarro:
:thumb44015609: by :iconpaleheart:
:thumb44039171: by :iconsammykaye1:
Fairy Childe by GothicLizzie by :icongothiclizzie:
by :iconlindowyn:
:thumb44083644: :thumb44770440: by :iconsylvereyedqueen:
Thumberlina by chaotics by :iconchaotics:
Storyteller by chokkolat by :iconchokkolat:
Cute little faery queen by kooo by :iconkooo:
Sing me a song by Damnedin by :icondamnedin:
:thumb44467449: by :iconaesa70:
Sisters by MisticUnicorn by :iconmisticunicorn:
Fairy Girl by taxigirl by :icontaxigirl:
Little Princess' Tale by countocram by :iconcountocram:
:thumb44947498: by :icontheycallmeteddy:
:thumb44967108: by :iconaesa70:

There will be more prizes donated as time goes by, I hope.
Want to donate a prize?

What is needed, For the winners:
DA Dollars
Personal Stamps
Animated or non-animated avatars
Print Account
Exclusive Stock Packages
Journal Features
…. Anything else that comes to mind

Lisajen-stock and mizzd-stock Halloween Contest Winners!!
Congrats to you all. Very lovely work!!!

'Overall Winner': 'The Streghes' by :iconeireen: The streghes by Eireen
Beginner: :iconsammykaye1:  Hallo's Eve, First Night Out by sammykaye1
Intermediate: :iconwolfmorphine: The Widow by wolfmorphine
Advanced:  :icontrisste-stocks:

:iconeireen: also can get one of my limited stock packs as a prize from the contest.
Here is the CURRENT list (some or one will be added later)

Masked Prize Pack by UrielStock
prize Pack: Bride by UrielStock
prize Pack: Ballet nude by UrielStock


To Clients/Fellow Artists/Models/Friends/etc...   my art:
I will be pretty booked up 'til November 6th. If you would like to have work done, a commissioned job (an idea or concept you wish to portray, commercial, Advertising, promotional, bands, products, headshots, portraiture, weddings, YOU NAME IT), model colab/exchange (prints exchanged for modeling; ideas I already have in progress), and/or would like some modeling comp cards, zed cards, portfolio pieces etc. ; Please email me to organize a date and/or to talk about what you would like.
At: (please try this email; it is checked more!)
or here on DA/myspace which I get lost in with the promotional emails

This blog/journal will be a mix of things since some of you don't read bulletins and/or other complications that have come up. For those of you that have emailed and/or called and I haven't called back; I'm sorry... I will email you back (if i don't forget my head haha) Please understand and email me back saying "YOU THERE??" =)

I have been from one flu to another flu.
I am JUST coming out of my 2nd flu in one month. Needless to say, I have a weak immune system and that is why I have been back to PA for 8 months now; to repair my health and go live in NYC and then probuly LA (or close to to... I MISS CALI!!!)

I don't really feel like going over my prognosis... it doesn't heal me so why talk about it.
you are having health issues and wish to have advice. BELIEVE ME I HAVE DONE IT ALL =)

It isn't grim; I am 90-95% better and NOTHING can EVER stop me from my destiny, art, life and love.

I am stronger now then Ever.
So here I am, baring my wrists.
So that you do not think I am shallow or conceited and that is why I am not returning anyone's email or calls.

I am thankful there are many of you that are friends AND that there are many of you that want to work for me or me work for them!!

Do not see this as me not being able to do, create, photograph etc...
Just hit alittle speed bump with this weather changing thing and me use to LA weather.

Your patience with me will pay off.
My intentions are always just and right. Love is always there; in my art, life and and very breath.

I won't be on here as much since it isnt 'healing' me. Please email me at if you need to contact me or if you are just using stock I will be checking this account 3/x a week.
please link here.
my art account :icontenshi-uriel:  I am just going to be completely MIA since no one really goes there anyway.

Affiliates: :iconvila-stock: :iconblack-heaven-stock: :iconcutoutstock:
Clubs I'm in!!:
I hereby grant permission to all clubs below to display my works in their gallery.
:iconcreative-model-stock: :iconstarstocks: :iconmanip-equips: :iconstock4figureartists:


1. If you use my photos, please provide a link back to my page, and give me credit!

2. These are not for commercial use!! Come now! if you want to pay me for the rights to use my pictures, I am up for negotiation. I have special exceptions based on each person. JUST ASK ME and I'll let you know.

3. Requests are welcome!! Please Note me or leave me a comment! I'll do my best to fill it, however I am busy but i will always do my best

4. If you would like to use work for a print please let me know by sending me a note.

5. Have Fun and Be Creative!! Make sure you leave me a comment so I can see the work you have done!!

--If there is ANY questions please ask; I am VERY VERY open minded and negotiate with very easily.

Natalee aka UrieL

My Art Account

visit me at

What happens when all the toxins, hate and negativity is gone from your spirit, being and lungs...

You begin a breath of rebirth, an exhaLE of beauty and release. Don't forget to breath. Kiss the air.

By Natalie Clark Photography aka :icontenshi-uriel: Model: Jess aka :iconjessangel2003:
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sammykaye1 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2006
I received my stock pack. The pictures are beautiful!! :clap: Thank you.:)
UrielStock Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2006
sure! cant wait to see your lovely work =D
MisticUnicorn Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2006
Thanks for choosing my image :) It was very fun to create.
UrielStock Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2006
my neices love it! =D
thanks for entering :hug:
If your ever interested in another contest One is still going on called "tell me a story" the info is in my most recent journal on my front page ;)
MisticUnicorn Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2006
I am glad they like it :) I am considering entering the "tell me a story" one, but it will totally depend on my holiday schedule. My commission list is way backed up too *sigh* But we’ll see if I get inspired enough to make myself create something before the deadline :) I have a few ideas already.
UrielStock Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2006
please do! I love your work. We probuly going to extend the deadline im sure.... lots of people seem to be really busy so it seems only fair :nod:
Hope to see you enter. I Always enjoy seeing what you'll make next!
of course my journal will say if the deadline is extended... hope you'll stay 'tuned'
MisticUnicorn Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2007
Sent you a note with a link to my entry :) I am glad I was able to finish in time :floating:
Paigesmum Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2006
Congratulations to the winners!!:boogie:
UrielStock Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2006
Agh! It was SOOOO hard to choose!
I adored your image so much; thank you very much for entering!
Paigesmum Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2006
Your very welcome!! Is was fun!! They are so cute!!:hug:
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